Most kiwis know Vinyl as ‘Lino’ – it’s been a tried and true floor covering in most homes for many years. It is a super low maintenance, durable and affordable option.

Whilst many people describe vinyl as Lino, it is in fact now a completely different synthetic product known as Sheet Vinyl, rather than something made out of linseed oil, with a canvas backing.

The range of designs has increased significantly over the years and we have a large selection of options to choose from. Vinyl is great where you want one seamless look with no joins. It is impervious to water damage which could seep through joins of other types of flooring.

Vinyl is also an option which can save you money when compared to other hard flooring options.

Come on in to our showroom at 92 Railside Avenue, Henderson to see our range of vinyl flooring options.

Vinyl flooring at Carpet and Matland