FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Carpet or Vinyl is not an everyday activity for most people, so you can be forgiven for not knowing all the intricacies of selecting the right product for your requirements. Carpet and Matland have been operating for more than 25 years, so we know our stuff. We sell carpet from all NZ’s main manufacturers and can give you honest advice about what will work best for you, at the right price.

Here are some commonly asked questions that you should think about when selecting carpet:

Are you carpeting a family home, a rental, a bach, an office, a rumpus room or garage? Each has different wear and uses, therefore different carpet fibers and styles will be appropriate for each. Do you want style and comfort, or do you need hard wearing and durable?

Do you need a hard wearing carpet for a rental property? A carpet to tidy up a house prior to selling or something lush and inviting to come home to?  Do you have young kids and want a carpet to suit? Does anyone have allergies? Do you need to reduce noise or help insulate? Is it for high use or low traffic areas? Is it for residential or commercial?

Are you wanting a soft, luxurious look, or a hard wearing, textured fibre? A textured carpet will add character to a room, as well as being a bit more forgiving of any stains. A cut pile carpet will look and feel soft and luxurious. Wool and wool blends provide luxury and warmth, while solution dyed nylons are both hard wearing and versatile for entry level carpets to luxurious lush pile for high-end builds.

It is important to consider what colour will work best with what you are trying to achieve. Lighter colours will make a room look bigger,  while dark colours will make a room seem small and cosy. Think about what will work with your existing furnishings, and also take into consideration if your carpet will have long exposure to sun light and whether the carpet you’re looking at is prone to colour fading.

Here at Carpet and Matland, Henderson we don’t spend money on our décor!  So we can offer you great brands at really attractive prices.  We also have a range of ever-changing specials and seconds which may be just what you need for your rental property or ‘tickle up’ before selling. Whether you’re wanting the most cost effective solution or expense is not an concern, we have a great range of flooring options for you.