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Walkway – $94.99p/m

Walkway is an 80% Wool, Hard-twist Cut-pile. It is rated residential extra heavy duty and is stair rated. Its high grading allows it to be the perfect carpet for busy residential homes and is a great neutral that will compliment many existing furnishings and colour palettes. The unique scaly structure of wool fibre gives it a natural stain resistance. Provided you attend promptly to spills and stains, most common household spills should be able to be removed. Wool-blends are a tough natural fibre and exhibits excellent durability. Wool carpets also have the unique ability to breathe, it helps to control the humidity levels within a room and help to keep the air temperature more constant. Wool carpet feels dry and warm to touch in winter and dry and cool in summer. We have other shades available in this range so come down to our factory store to view this gorgeous line!

Disclaimer: Colors may be different to actual colours due to different monitor types. Please visit our showroom to confirm actual colours.